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Wall and Glass Graphics

Wall and Glass Computer Cut Graphics – Bay of Plenty

FilmTintNZ can design or print from file, high-quality wall and glass graphics.

Adhesive graphics are cost-effective and add a completely different look and feel to your home or office.


Wall and Graphic Prints and Installation Bay of Plenty

FilmTintNZ can expertly print and install high-quality wall and glass prints for your home or office.

Our experience in this space ensures that the correct adhesives are used and printing is done within the right temperature ranges to ensure colours match exactly.

Unleash your Creativity.

Broad platform graphics are a great way for you to be creative with the empty wall space in your home or office.

Bring your home or office to life.

Computer cut designs applied to the wall or glass areas in your home or office are cost effective. These applications are durable and long lasting.

Prints and Designs to Order.

If you need a specific design printed and installed or need some help having a design created, FilmTintNZ can assist every step of the way.

What to Think of for Graphic Prints

Broad Platform Graphics for Walls and Glass.

FilmTintNZ has years of experience in the print and manufacture of broad platform graphics and artwork, it takes an articulated skill set to ensure the prints are created using the correct materials and within optimal temperature ranges. Then to correctly install the graphics to ensure the adhesive is going to last is imperative.

FilmTintNZ excels in broad platform signage and graphics, with many years of experience, our highly skilled trained professionals will deliver your job on time and on budget.

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