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3 Surprising Home Design Uses for Decorative Window Film

Window tints have become a common addition in window treatments for commercial buildings and residential neighbourhoods alike, but it was only used primarily to improve the functionality of the space.  Window films can boost privacy without obstructing outdoor views...

Window of Opportunities – Benefits of House Window Tinting

You should strongly consider the benefits of house window tinting if you want to add an extra protective layer to your home. Most homeowners may dismiss it as simply providing extra protection against the sun, but it does more than that. In this article, we will take...

How You Can Save More on Utility Bills With Window Films

Every year, an average household in New Zealand spends over $2,000 on utilities, and the majority of this comes from heating and air conditioning systems. For this reason alone, many homeowners and even business owners strive to find more efficient ways to save on...
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