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Anti-Graffiti Films

Anti-Graffiti Films – Bay of Plenty

FilmTintNZ can expertly install and supply high quality Anti-Graffiti Films.

Easily remove graffiti from your glass surfaces and stop scratches to your glass windows and doors.


Anti-Graffiti Films Bay of Plenty

FilmTintNZ can expertly install and supply high-quality Anti-Graffiti film to your home, office, shop or property.

Graffiti scratched into glass is costly and virtually impossible to remove.  FilmTintNZ can apply a sacrificial anti-graffiti film that protects the glass and can be far more easily and cheaply replaced than the glass itself.

No Mess Cleaning and Removal

Normally cleaning Graffiti from property requires harsh chemicals and can be a messy process in itself, with Anti-Graffiti Film its as simple as removing the film.

Minimise Property Damage 

Graffiti or tagging can damage your property to the point where its unremovable. With a Anti-Graffiti Film you can rest assured the Graffiti can be removed.

Reduce the impact of Glass Scratching 

Hiring a specialist in Graffiti removal can be very expensive and the process of removing the graffiti is time consuming or expensive if the glass surface needs to be replaced.
Why Anti-graffiti film

Is there a benefit to Anti-Graffiti Film?

Anti-Grafitti Films are highly cost-effective solutions to an ever growing problem.

  • Minimise the damage caused by graffiti on property.
  • Far more cost effective than paying for a graffiti removal specialist.
  • Cheaper than replacing the scratched glass.
  • Easily removed and replaced, and can be done within a day.


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