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Film Tint NZ specialise in house window tinting, office window tinting and specialised window films such as safety and security films.

What can a window film do for you?

  • Save Money on Energy Costs
  • Reduce harmful UV Rays damaging you, your family and your property
  • Reduce glare and unwanted sunlight in the home
  • Added privacy, keep out prying eyes.

FilmTint NZ Products and Services

Home Window Tinting

Transform your home’s livability and looks with high performing window tint.  Window tint can reduce heat by up to 80%, provide daytime privacy, reduce glare, reduce cooling/heating costs, provide insulation and stop 99% of UV rays from destroying your property.


Commercial Window Tinting

Film Tint NZ has worked on commercial projects in New Zealand and Australia. If you need a local shop or office, to a multi-story building FilmTintNZ can deliver. Providing top quality service, a competitive price and expert knowledge.

Safety and Security Films 

Safety and Security window and glass surface films, turn dangerous easy to break glass into child-safe glass and of offer the best protection against intruders. 

Anti-Grafitti Film 

Graffiti and glass scratching can be extremely costly to a business if the glass needs to be replaced. Anti-Graffiti Films are a sacrificial layer on the outside surface of the glass to stop the impacts of scratches and graffiti for a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass.

Window Frosting

Film Tint NZ specialize in all aspects of window films including glass frosting and privacy. Our experience ensures we recommend the best solution to your given needs.

What our customers are saying about Film Tint..

Film Tint completed a heat reduction and privacy window tinting job in our home. The result was fantastic and apparently, the same technology will also keep the heat in and the house warmer in the winter. Phil was a pleasure to work with and we wish him great success with his new business!

— Ann Dorey

Window Tinting News and Advice

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5 Ways To Use Window Frosting For Your Home Or Office

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4 Reasons You Should Buy Window Film – What to Know

4 Reasons You Should Buy Window Film – What to Know

Protecting your home from the elements can be quite costly. Aside from investing in expensive systems to help you keep cool during the summer and warm during the winter, there’s also security to worry about. Fortifying your home from intruders and unwanted guests is...

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5 Harmful Effects of UV Rays – What to Know

5 Harmful Effects of UV Rays – What to Know

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About Film tint NZ

20 Years Experience in Window Film Installation and Application

Phil Vaudrey founder and owner of FilmTintNZ has worked in the window and glass films industry for over 20 years, with  experience working on homes, offices, large scale commercial projects and multi-story buildings.

With a keen eye for detail, in depth knowledge of state of the art products and their application, FilmTintNZ will take care of any job large and small.

3m™ Window Films

3M™ Window Films + Film Tint NZ

Film Tint NZ supply and install 3M™ window film, 3M™ has built a reputation as the pinnacle of innovation and technology in the window films industry and offer 15 year plus manufacturer warranties on their entire product range.

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